Land art, Igloo, Survival, Snowshoeing...

Impossible to get bored with the trappers training course. Your children will discover different themes every day with our passionate esf instructors who will be happy to share their knowledge of Les Arcs. 
class maintained if there are at least 4 people in the class !

On the programme (depending on the weather conditions): Not under 6 children
  • Monday "on the tracks of animals", discover forest animals.
  • Tuesday "Land Art", which enables children to express their creativity using natural material.
  • Wednesday "Igloo building", walk in the forest and learn how to build an Igloo.
  • Thursday "Forest survival course".
  • Friday "Orienteering and treasure hunt".

We answer your questions 

How should I dress my child?
A ski jacket, dungarees or a warm, comfortable and waterproof suit, snow boots.
Mittens rather than finger gloves.
A mask or sunglasses (attached with a cord).
UV protection (minimum index 3).
Your child does not need a ski pass nor ski poles.
A snack in the pocket!