Advice to parents

How should I dress my child?
A ski jacket, dungarees or a warm, comfortable, waterproof ski suit, snow boots.
Mittens rather than finger gloves.
A mask or sunglasses (attached with a cord).
UV protection (minimum index 3).
Your child does not need a ski pass or ski poles.
Do I need to buy a ski pass?
All children need a ski pass, which is free for under 5 years old and can be purchased at the ski lift ticket office with proof of age.
For the beginners :  don't take ski pass for the first days. Then, you have to see with the ski teacher.
For the next levels, the "classic" Les Arcs ski pass is enough.
Will my child get a medal?
Friday is the day the tests. Each child will be given a medal by the esf instructors to end the week in a friendly atmosphere.
In competition level, only the Flèche and Chamois tests are included.
How do the tests work?
Le passage des étoiles, du Piou-Piou à l'Etoile d'Or, est organisé durant le cours du vendredi.
À la fin de ce cours, l'élève recevra sa médaille de fin de stage et son carnet de capacité par son moniteur (médaille comprise dans le prix du cours).
Do I need to wear protective equipment?
Wearing a helmet is highly recommended.
For snowboard beginners, wrist guards and protective shorts are recommended.
What insurance should I take out for winter sports?
The esf does not insure its students, we recommend to take out the "Carré Neige" insurance which is a specific insurance that covers you in case of accident or illness. 

You will find more information on our website under the "Carré Neige" insurance heading or directly on the website. 
You can also check with your bank if your credit card covers you!