Choose a lift pass

Don't forget your lift pass. 

The lift pass is not included in the price of the ski lessons, but it is necessary and essential to take part in the different lessons offered by esf Arc 1600. It is therefore important to make sure that you have it with you for each lesson.

All students must have their ski pass with them (even if it is free for children under 5 years old) during the whole lesson and their lesson card. Without a pass, the student will not be able to get on the chairlift and therefore will not be able to attend the lessons.
For "beginners/oursons", there is no need for a ski pass on the first days, you will then have to get in touch with an instructor who will advise you on what type of ski pass to take and when to take it (Usually climbings for "Combettes" chairlift at €5 will be enough) - no need for ski poles.
The optional ski pass for  "flocon" is the "classic" one for Les Arcs, valid for the whole day (€ 167.50 with our packages).
From Flocon to the competition level, the "classic" Les Arcs ski pass is enough.
For adults, the "classic" Les Arcs ski pass is enough.
For adults who are beginners in skiing or snowboarding, the optional ski pass corresponds to the "classic" ski pass of Les Arcs valid all day (€209 with our packages).